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Hair color for Spring

Posted MARCH 25, 2016

Hair color for Spring

La Mirage` Salon, Ltd Spring hair color trends

 Balayage is going no where!………. Here to stay.

It is the hottest color trend technique today. Anyone can wear it. Go subtle or dramatic. And the best part about having Balayage hair color technique is that you do not have to be a slave to it. The new growth of your roots looks natural. You won’t look like you need your hair colored in 4 to 6 weeks. It is the ‘lived in color’ LOOK. #livedincolor

Balayage is also known or described as Hairpainting.

Most professional and experienced hair stylists call this new hair coloring technique Balayage or Hairpainting. This process is an art. Stylists mastering this form of coloring hair today all have a special twist on how they approach each hair style. It is like an Artist creating a painting, no two paintings are alike.

It is best to get a new hair cut first before having it Balayaged or Hairpainted. The Stylist /Artist can see your new style and will have a vision on how to free hand your new COLOR!




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