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Best Shampoo for your new Hair Color

Posted AUGUST 17, 2015

Best Shampoo for your new Hair Color

The truth about the Best Shampoo and hair products for your new hair color.

You save up for months to get that awesome new look of an Ombre`, Sombre`, Balayage or Hairpainting. These hair colors are not cheap when you go to an educated experienced stylist. But definitly worth the expense when your hair looks awesome and your selfies just went from good to Fabulouse!

Now let me ask you this….. would you wash a cashmere sweater in any laundry detergent?? NO!  So why shampoo your new Hair Color with a cheap shampoo high in alkaline? Protect your investment and spend a little more on good hair products that will leave your New Hair Color looking better longer.

When you add color to your hair it is very important to use shampoo & conditioner that is specifically for color treated hair. This will ensure the longevity of the color, the body and the shine. Think of your color treated hair as a fine fabric. We have already discussed how you wouldn’t wash a delicate fabric in harsh detergent.

BEST SHAMPOO for Hair Color:

  • Eufora
  • BKT Color Seal
  • Use Me
  • 12 Benefits

And ALWAYS use a Conditioner! A professional hair conditioner does not contain lanolin (oil) but the drug store brands do. Benefits of a Professional Hair Conditioner:

  • Closes hair cuticle to protect hair from getting damaged by Heat of blow dryer, irons & rollers
  • Keeps color from fading
  • sunscreen


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